About Us

We strive to give our value-added services to our esteemed customers. This can be in the form of attractive schemes and facilities. We are 'Real Time Gross Settlement' enabled bank now and request you to stay/ join with us to get the best of forthcoming new attractions.


To emerge as a ‘Preferred Bank’ by pursuing global benchmarks in profitability, operational efficiency, asset quality, risk management and expanding the global reach.

To become a significant player, providing full range of banking services through providing Customer centric banking with state of art technology and continuous improvement of services.

Vision 2015

1) To strive excellence in customer service

2) To adopt professional approach in effectively managing financials as well non-financial risks.

3) Focusing on low cost deposit and fee based income

4) To open new branches.

5) To provide eco-friendly services by adopting latest technology.


To provide quality banking services with good customer care by leveraging on technology and human resources to attain world class performance standards, create value for all stakeholders and continue as a responsive corporate social citizen.

We will help in our customer’s growth by providing Customer centric banking with state of art technology and continuous improvement of services

Bank Profile


Jalore Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd. was registered under act 13, of RAJASTHAN SAHAKARI SOCIETY REGULATION, 1965 on 16 may 1990 with 419 members. Registration no. of Jalore Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd. is 832/n and whose renovation is done on the31.12.2008 for lifetime which is safe in records.

On 24 July 1990 under the banking regulation act 1949, act 56. at the RBI Order No. UBD/RJ/1028 p, license is given to do banking business in which 4 municipal area of this district (Jalore, bhinmal, sanchore, and ahore) was included. After this on 21.2.1998 with the permission of RBI and by the modification in rules of bank, Jalore district is announced as a working place. In present Jalore district is working place of the bank.

According to the new rules announced under Rajasthan sahakari regulation 2001 and rule 2003, at the Order No. F/5/30/1/CDR/RULES /BYELOG/2004 of Mr. Registrar is registered and issued on 6.9.2005. Banks general meetings are accepted on 25.5.2006.