Personal Loan

Government employees now can get personal loan for any purpose. Apply today and get that cash that you need fast through our special loan scheme for government employees.

Mortgage Loan

You have your own property but need cash to fulfill your personal needs, than for what you are waiting? Walk to us we are here to fulfill your need through mortgage loan scheme.

Vehicle Loan

Are you planning to buy a vehicle and need funds? We are able to get the right vehicle loan for your vehicle needs through our new vehicle loan schemes.

Home Loan

Looking for easy loans to make your dream house comes true? Step into Jalore Nagrik Sahkari Bank Ltd. and get our home loan sanctioned. Repay in easy monthly installments.

Cash Credit Limit

Worried about cash for working capital , don’t worry we are now with you to support your business and you by providing you cash credit at the interest rate which suits you.

Medium Term Loan

To augment enterprise’s current and fixed assets and to help in improvement of current ratio and also for meeting genuine business requirements we provide medium term loans.

Consumer Loan

Good things but could not buy them perhaps for want of ready cash we are now at your doorsteps to provide you all good things in life you have been craving for, through our consumer loan schemes.

Traders Friends Loan

To avail of working capital or undertake development of shop by way of loan/overdraft, we are providing trader loans for the development of traders.

Loan of Fixed Deposit

You need not worry about lack of liquidity when you place a fixed deposit with us,. You can conveniently meet your financial needs by availing of a loan against your deposit value.

Loan on Govt. Security

Are you expecting a certain sum of money from the government securities with in a few months and you need some funds in the interim. It is advisable to take loan against government security through our loan against government securities scheme.