Cash Credit Limit

We thank you for showing your interest in us. Following is the way to opening an account with us.
  1. Please find our Branch nearest to you and contact our representative
    for further proceedings.
We request you to wait for 7 working days after your application to revert back to you. Thanks you in the meantime for your patience.
Worried about cash for working capital , don’t worry we are now with you to support your business and you by providing you cash credit at the interest rate which suits you.


For Traders/ Businessmen / Professional / Self Employees & Other Trustees.


For Working Capital for Traders

Amount and Margin

  • Loan Amount:Three year Balance Sheet Authorised by Chartered Accountant
  • Margin:Stock of 40%

Rate of Interest

As applicable from time to time. (See Current Rates)


Equitable Mortgage of Property, Security Mortgage Double of Loan amount.


Monthly installment is deducted from the salary account. If employee is given salary from the banks saving account the monthly installment is deducted from that account or paid by the postdated checks.